Hello & Welcome
Here it’s all about getting your home just right for you

Our brilliant ancestors started using soot to make their caves into homes and ever since we’ve all enjoyed adding our own touch to our homes….BUT the process has got a lot more complicated. 

I’m focused on sharing the real stuff, the practical knowledge I learned over the past 10 years in the real world of building sites managing and worked on renovation projects.

I’m sharing because I’m asked to… all the time… by friends, and their friends and family and those lost looking people at the hardware store and the teller at the bank and her sister… you get the idea

BUT I want to be able to help so many more of you, homeowners who don’t know where to start but really want to be self-reliant

That’s why it matters; and that’s why Knight Designs is going virtualso I can share the things I wish I’d known when I began. 

We all need to be smart buyers when we renovate, build or maintain our homes but the process is really daunting if you don’t have anyone to guide you through

I’m here to give you a that helping hand and be the place to can start and learn how to make your home just right for you.