Renovation: A Garden for All Seasons

It was time to connect the house to the outdoor living spaces and show off a garden for all seasons.

Outside the dining room the rock garden and ornamental pond was banished. The paving now extended seamlessly to create a large entertainment area accessed through the new French doors. The unsightly route through laundry was finally a thing of the past.

Now this was a favourite spot used year round for quick snacks, large family gatherings and coffee breaks in the sun.


Dining Terrace After Whitehall
Dining Terrace After
Dining Terrace Before
Dining Terrace Before

At the eastern end of the house the large family ‘multipurpose room’ opened out to the private terrace. Once the area was leveled, enclosed with low walls and planted with a low a maintenance garden this became the perfect spot for a sunrise breakfast.  The original poorly maintained sliding doors had frozen shut and were replaced with another set of French doors.

With the neglected wasteland cleared there was space for a new garden that gave the gravelled courtyard with a Mediterranean feel. Once overgrown and abandoned this pace was now a delightful extension to the house- a sunny spot in the morning or a cool shady retreat on hot summer afternoons.

French Breakfast Terrace
French Breakfast Terrace

The third and most loved garden area was created off the kitchen and family dining the once rough subsiding paved area was transformed into another room of the house. Opened to the kitchen with the final of the three new pairs of French doors it was the perfect spot for a quick coffee or a late evening glass of wine.

Protected from the weather and enclosing by a wall the small deck was a sun-trap during the winter and sheltered from the rain by a glazed pergola.

Kitchen Coffee Deck
Kitchen Coffee Deck After


The renovation complete! Now that’s a perfect urban retreat, with great functionality combined with natural materials and a neutral palette.

Best of all this a home with a welcoming face set in a garden for all seasons.

Urban Rustic renovation exterior
Front Entrance Revived